A Journey to the Centre of the Earth eReader By Jules Verne

By Jules Verne

A Journey to the Centre of the Earth By Jules Verne

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First published in England by Griffith and Farran in 1871, this edition is not a translation at all but a complete re-write of the novel, with portions added and omitted, and names changed. A better translation is A Journey into the Interior of the Earth translated by Rev. F. A. Malleson. The company Prestigio introduced a new application - eReader. It consists of three tabs "Shelf", "My Library" and "Store". The main menu looks like bookshelves. Between the top, which displays the books read, is an interactive line. It allows you to organize books by title, author, recently added or "selected" books, transition between book collections. The e-book A Journey to the Centre of the Earth can be read in eReader Prestigio in the formats EPUB, OEB, FB2 (ZIP), HTML, PDF, TXT. It's also possible in Rich Text Format files, but there are problems with formatting with them. Change pages by slide from right to left or vice versa, which simplifies the navigation and allows you to easily navigate from page to page. Also, to change the brightness of the screen, you can drag your finger up and down. The touching of the upper central part causes the indicator of the number of pages read, the lower one - the menu of the reading mode. In the "Reading" menu, you can navigate through the table of contents, manage bookmarks, switch between day and night display mode, search the book. To get information about the A Journey to the Centre of the Earth book or use the decrease buttons, the font increases will appear, you need to click the "More" button. In the eReader application, a large number of text display options are available. You can choose different background options, type, font size and line spacing, to make reading the A Journey to the Centre of the Earth e-book even more interesting. Also there is an item "Other styles". In its settings section, you can display the text of the A Journey to the Centre of the Earth book in more detail: the appearance of the title or chapter title, comments, etc. One of the features of the application is the support of dialects or translators, so A Journey to the Centre of the Earth e-books can be read in different languages, but by default they are not installed, so they need to be downloaded separately. EReader has enough wide functionality, user-friendly interface and nice design. However, there are not enough items in the menu that are quite small, which complicates the work with them on devices with a small display. You can download eReader here.
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