The World's Best Bartenders' Guide iBook (Apple) By D. Bain

By D. Bain

The World's Best Bartenders' Guide By D. Bain

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Anyone can master the art of mixing the perfect drink--with all the confidence, style, and panache seen in the world's finest bars and restaurants. How? Ask the professionals. Now, for the first time, today's leading bartenders from the 50 best bars in the world reveal: the secrets of the classic cocktail (with special variations)recipes for rare and exotic drinksspecial secrets and tips of the professionalsand other tricks-of-the-trade that characterize the best mixologists Every home bartender will be mixing, shaking, and pouring drinks to please the most discerning guest: tropical drinks from award-winning Caribbean bartenders, hearty drinks from Irish pubs, and specialty cocktails from Montreal, Seattle, Key West, Beverly Hills, Boston, Hong Kong and dozens of other cities--and from the very best bars and bartenders. --This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title. IBooks is a free application from Apple Inc. For reading electronic books. This application can only be installed on Apple devices, such as the iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and OS X. Originally created for the iPad, but then there were versions for other Apple devices. This is a free program for reading books, it also contains a built-in iBookStore store in which you can buy books. Most e-books in it are free of charge, and you can even pay a few paid before you buy. Also, the program allows you to read and save the The World's Best Bartenders' Guide e-book in .pda format, which you can save from the Internet to your device. IBooks syncs with the computer via iTunes, but only if the The World's Best Bartenders' Guide book is in the epub format. In the application, you can change the font, text size, highlight and color of the pages. IBooks offers three color options: -standard mode -normal mode -sepia In The World's Best Bartenders' Guide books, you can make bookmarks and highlightings with a "marker", the color of which can also be selected. When you run the program, there is a white bookshelf with books. When you touch a book, it automatically opens into read mode. The text of the The World's Best Bartenders' Guide e-book for iPad is two-page, in the version for iPhone and iPod Touch the text fills the whole screen. The advantages of the iBooks application is the synchronization of bookmarks and progress of reading between devices, as well as the synchronization of books through iTunes. The iBooks app is ideal for reading The World's Best Bartenders' Guide electronic books. However, it can be noted from the minuses that the program supports only two formats: epub and pdf, which worsens the availability of some books, as it will have to periodically use the computer to convert to the desired format.
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